This is definitely a nice difference from the typical “You will find prosperity with hardwork” or “Lucky numbers: 5, 6, 12, 43, 7″ lines that we normally find in fortune cookies. More »

Problem solved. A place for your date or significant other that never seems to be able to answer the question of where to eat. More »

Although it was probably meant for encouragement for others not to be so self-conscious and to raise others’ self-esteem, that guy took physics. More »

New Yorkers are notorious for having a pretty intense personality, especially since it seems as though they’re always busy with places to be. So it’s no wonder that if any small act gets in their way, they have no problem bypassing them quickly. More »

Pringles might just be my favorite chips because they don’t give me an illusion that there’s a full bag of chips when in reality half the bag is air. More »

With all this new technology, I don’t think kids these days need allowance anymore to buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards, especially with smartphones around. More »

I do wonder how this works and who actually spends time in the restroom to play it. More »

Boy, kids these days have seem to have forgotten how to say “please and thank you!” More »

Cats do not think this is funny. More »

Life sucks if we hate our job, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Right? More »

For a basketball player, J.R. Smith makes a pretty good ballerina too. More »

This is actually a really good way to help save trees, although I’m not so sure if how hard you write affects anything. More »

Why look around in a frenzy for the bat signal, when you could sport it front and center…on your face. More »

Ruh-roh! Looks like somebody got kicked out of the doghouse. More »

You know it’s bad if Grammar Guy has to step in to fix an intentionally mistyped word in your sentence. More »

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