Almost of all of us have been obsessed or acquainted with the legendary video game/tv show/card game Pokemon before.Of course, those of us whom only know of the latest season wouldn’t understand, but for those oldies who have stuck with Pokemon since the beginning, there’s question that almost of all of us share in common. How does Brock see? The answer is simple.

All of the truth is revealed with the picture above! Of course, this can be seen as a bit racist towards the Asian culture, however, no racism is intended, for I am an Asian with one of the smallest eyes of them all.

“Brock” eyed people unite!

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XD XD! can’t help but to think about Gain XD

Wait...I spy...something green!! Hmm, Brock isn’t looking at’s the trees he’s looking at! If his eyes go a little lower he might get to see my hair~
Gosh, how I missed Pokemon! Used to watch it every night…

hahahahaha so funny! XD
I finally understand! XD

LOL this is epic xD
i always wondered how i saw anything!

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