Dear Annoying Facebook Girl, it’s time to change your character. As you can see, not very many people exactly like you…

We many not like you very much, but at least by you doing your deeds, all the normal people can relate to each other!

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haha this is so true there are really people like thay around raspberry

I hate a lot of these like common, I’m pretty sure your not going out with your best bud -.- people.

LOL so freaking true…

but the Hogwarts one...don’t we all go there tho?? lol XD

LOL those are real funny, but I have seen people do that in real life...:(

I hate it when people do these stuff

haha. the annoying FB girl.. xDD
these girls are annoying. ‘nuff said. xD

OMG I hate it when people do that >.<

Who is that girl? Such a creepy expression.. OMG.. I hate the ‘married to best friend’ stuff. I think those are so so stupid. 

hahahaha omg, these are so true!!
they really are annoying… XD

Paha, all of these are so true! The only one I haven’t seen yet is deleting all her comments after an argument raspberry

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