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From Reelwire: How did the Power Rangers manage to become heroes of the city when they couldn’t even see the city? More »

If you’ve ever gotten a shirt from China, you might know that the text on their shirts make absolutely no sense whatsoever. More »

A.K.A. the easiest way to become the most annoying kid in school. More »

Well, only if your name is Josh. More »

I’m not sure if I’m witnessing panda theft or a way to make the baby panda feel more comfortable during transportation… More »

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your tax dollars hard at work. Protecting you very much from the perils and dangers that besiege our world. More »

Despite Power Rangers being one of my favorite TV shows as a kid, this was always one of the concerns I had whenever the rangers would mega morph into that huge character at the end - you all know what I’m talking about. More »

Just imagine if everybody in real life looked like they did in comic books - it would be utterly disgusting. More »

It’s just so full of logic and strategies. And weddingness. More »

Sometimes I wonder where all the creativity we love had gone. More »

Hey, if you can’t build a house in a tree, settle for the other way around. More »

The whole “You live in my house? You listen to my rules!” is completely applicable here. More »

That standard really had come a long way. More »

Despite my love for animes and cartoons, I always found some of them utterly ridiculous. More »

I mean really, what are they trying to do by putting those quotation marks around certain words. It really makes us question… More »

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