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Boy, if my future husband ever played with his food like this, he will be sleeping on the couch. More »

When I first saw this picture I thought that the washer had exploded or something, but I guess that isn’t the case. More »

So true for this day and age… More »

So epic on the first look. And then it brings a tear to my eyes to see such a dedicated Toy Story fan. More »

While it’s apparent that this will take a bit of effort, the result is pretty geekily awesome! Especially for any Pokemon fan. More »

It never fails to amaze me just how unique and creative people can be with architectural design. More »

I wonder if I could win the game with only one card. More »

Well…that’s one way to keep your child in their seat if you’re seatbelt-less. More »

Why be a regular trash can, when your aspirations could be so much higher? And if anything, Iron Man is totally a good role model to look up to. More »

You have to admit…it’s hard to unsee. More »

Man people across the globe scan the Internet for the latest, greatest pictures of attractive men doing strange, yet attractive poses. Just as many people scan the Internet for cats. More »

I’m not sure if I prefer this version or the cartoon version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles more. More »

I’m sure that every hipster would be more than happy to receive a collection of these glasses frames. Or is being happy too mainstream for them? More »

Who actually needs elevators as a way of transportation? I just need a free shoe cleaner. More »

Now this is something I’m definitely going to try on my next dog walk. More »

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