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We’ve all seen the film ‘Finding Nemo‘ some point in our lives. Well, at least I hope you all have. I, myself, have seen it a good 10 times or so. The entire movie is just adorable and there are quite the amount of memorable scenes. For example, the one where Dory tries to speak whale and communicates with one. More »

You guys all know about Angry Birds, right? The super-addictive, kill-the-pigs-in-an-act-of-revenge game whose difficult levels seem to be the bane of everyone’s existence? Well, no matter if you know what it is or not, please make sure not to interrupt someone’s game. More »

But then again, what else would they text each other with? More »

The awkward moment when you send a text message to your friend to later realize that the person who really received your text is a complete stranger! More »

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